Software IP Audits

Using the Black Duck® Suite, Emenda offers comprehensive Software Intellectual Property Audits as a professional service. This auditing process provides a fast, convenient, and accurate way of identifying the components that make up a given code base and reporting any open source, third party code, and related software licensing obligations. The audit is conducted confidentially and securely by a trained Emenda consultant and consists of:


  • A comprehensive scan of the code base under audit using Black Duck® Protex™
  • A full inventory of the components that make up the code base under audit
  • A report identifying open source and third-party licences that are relevant to that code base
  • An advisory session to walk through the results of the report and discuss any issues that arise


This service can also be used as part of the due dilligence process in acquisitions and by companies to obtain a snapshot of their software prior to release into the market, or more generally, to identify existing licensing obligations and increase confidence in the code base.



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